on the photo: illegal deforestation in one of the famous district of Moscow Region Ramenskoye

As a member of the Coordination Council of the Russian People's Movement Marina Zlotnikova said the Noginsk City Department of Government company Mosleskhoz begun the illegal deforestation in one of the famous district of Moscow Region Ramenskoye.

on the photo: Government company Mosleskhoz had not any documents for deforestation

The civil activist stressed that the representatives of the Government company Mosleskhoz had not any documents for deforestation in this district. Also Marina Zlotnikova said the workers of Mosleskhoz are cut down the healthy trees in that moment when they are planning to cut down the burnt trees only.

on the photo: the workers of Mosleskhoz are cut down the healthy trees

Marina Zlotnikova reported that the deforestation area has reached 100 hectare and the healthy trees are sold of 250 rubles (8 USD) per cubic meter.

on the photo: deforestation area

The residents of Ramenskoye started the protest actions.

on the photo: civil activist


Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights congratulates the Egyptian people with a victory in fighting for the democracy and the resignation of President Hosni Mubarek.
The experts of Association believe that the Egyptian people could dispel the myth about the impossibility of democracy in Muslim countries, as well as the myth that using repressive machine can hold power.
Events in Egypt once again proved that it does not matter such brutal and corrupt regimes, it does not matter nor how tyranny tries to keep its power, if the regime is not democratic and does not protect human rights and freedoms, it will inevitably collapse. The fact that these events took place in the heart of the Arab world shows that the processes of democratic development are global and are the inevitable and certainly other totalitarian regimes will fall sooner or later.
Events in Egypt - the historical moment demonstrates that united people and real civil society can determine political regime and future of country.

18.01.2011 Letter of solidarity with the Tunisian Lawyers

Dear Colleagues,
The European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human rights (ELDH) is gravely concerned about the excessive violence of Tunisian security forces against Tunisian lawyers as well as other protesters. ELDH condemns all unjustified attacks on lawyers and their arbitrary arrests. ELDH fully supports the general strike which has been announced for Thursday by the Tunisian Bar Association in protest over the brutality of Tunisian Security forces against lawyers.
ELDH also condemns the ongoing crackdown by Tunisian authorities on a wave of protests sparked by the attempted suicide of a young fruit seller who later died of his injuries.
Tunisians must be allowed to express their grievances and freely protest. ELDH is shocked by the reports that more then 50 protesters have been killed by the Tunisian police and the army.
According to Amnesty International Tunisia has a sad reputation of violation of human rights. The rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly are curtailed, and journalists, lawyers and human rights activists are prosecuted and harassed. There are reports of arbitrary arrests, torture and other ill-treatment of detainees.

ELDH demands the immediate and unconditional release of all arrested lawyers in Tunisia
the compensation of all material and immaterial damages
the prosecution of the accountable officials
the respect of human rights by the Tunisian Government in particular of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which has been signed and ratified by Tunisia
In solidarity
Thomas Schmidt
ELDH Secretary General


Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, 

Today is Christmas Day is celebrated by many Christians in the World. Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights wishes a Merry Christmas to you and wishes happiness, prosperity and success for you, your families and your close.

May All Your Dreams Come True!

With Warmest Wishes For Christmas,
Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights



In support of International Anti-Corruption Day 09 December 2010 Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights in framework of Anti-Corruption Civil Society Center CLEAN HANDS is introducing a new webpage "The Victims of Russian Corruption" where the video messages of the citizens, whose rights and freedoms have been violated by corrupt officials and corrupt law enforcement officials, are posted. The address of the webpage “The Victims of Russian corruption” . Any citizen of Russian Federation affected by corruption pressure of officials or law enforcement authorities may post his video addressing.
It is enough oral or written addressing with the attachments of the quite truthful suspicions of corruption to participate in the project “The Victims of Russian corruption”.
Please contact a specialist of CLEAN HANDS +7 (495) 968-30-44, (495)923-34-98(twenty-four-hour hotline).
Quick Reference: The UN General Assembly designated 09 December as International Anti-Corruption Day. The significant date has been celebrated since 2004. This decision was taken in order to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in combating and preventing it.


The experts of Russian Anti-Corruption Civil Society Center Clean Hands have invited officially Arnold Schwarzenegger the outgoing governor of California to participate in the civil anticorruption project Mobile Office as participant of the civil mobile group  fighting against  corruption in Russia.
As the specialists of Clean Hands said, Arnold Schwarzenegger a Republican has repeatedly announced among World Mass-Media that after leaving his post of governor, he would devote himself to nonprofit work. The specialists of Clean Hands asked Arnold Schwarzenegger for trying himself as civil activist and entering the team of Mobile Office to work with Russian citizens and their complaints about corruption.
We note that the project Mobile Office began its work at Domodedovo city in autumn 2009, when the activists opened the headquarter to get the complaints about corruption in village Matveevka at the 52nd km of the M4 "DON". The mobile group of specialists of Clean Hands with the civil support of Civil Control  and Civic Platform of party United Russia and other activists  opened  the headquarter of Clean Hands to get the complaints about corruption  from residents of Krasnodar region, as a result  200 complaints about corruption  were taken during several days of the visit in October 2010.
The experts of CLEAN HANDS are planning the presentation of the report about corruption in the Krasnodar region in December 2010.  
Specialists of CLEAN HANDS believe that the involvement of well known representatives of civil society, culture, science, in anti-corruption activity makes fighting against corruption more effective.

23 NOVEMBER 2010 The first assembly of founders of Russian People’s Movement

Evgeny Arkhipov, Chairman of Russian People's Movement

The meeting of founders and members of the new political Russian People’s Movement was held 20 November 2010 in Moscow.
The founders and supporters of Russian People’s Movement approved the statute and program of the new political movement. Also the founders and members of the Russian People’s Movement decided to begin the state registration of the movement as soon as possible.
The members of the movement approved the symbolic and hymn of Russian People’s Movement: the blue flag with two crossing lines of yellow stars and the musical fragment of Russian people’s song Dubinushka.
Evgeny Arkhipov was elected as a Chairman of  Russian People’s Movement 20 November 2010 in Moscow.
Evgeny Arkhipov opened the discussion of the draft of the new Constitution of Russia.  The human rights and freedoms took the central place in the new Constitution of Russia, which had been prepared by Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights. The first time in history the principles of transhumanism and human right to life extension fixed in the draft of the new Constitution.
The members of Russian People’s Movement discussed the foundation of the civil platform “People’s Political Discussion Club”.
Marina Zlotnikova and Nikolay Plesovskyh, civil activists, Dmitry Firsov an expert-Russian Anti-Corruption Civil Center CLEAN HANDS supported the foundation of the civil platform “People’s Political Discussion Club” for dialog between Russian authorities and people. The first discussion about necessity of changing of Constitution of Russia is planned in December 2010.


The new political movement “Russian People’s Movement” will be presented at the meeting of supporters and members of the new Russian political movement 20 November 2010 in Moscow.
The assembly of members and founders of the new movement will start at 11.00 AM in conference center “Extropolis Red Rose”.
Evgeny Arkhipov, The Chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, Marina Zlotnikova, civil activist, Dmitry Firsov an expert-Russian Anti-Corruption Civil Center CLEAN HANDS will open and conduct  the meeting, also the participants will declared the aims, goals and program of Russian People’s Movement.
The members of Russian People’s Movement have informed that the movement has been based on the new political ideology which was combining the transhumanism and democratic values.
The members of the new movement will discussed the statute of the movement and the draft of the new Constitution of Russian Federation, which prepared by Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights.
Also the members of the movement will discuss the  necessity of foundation of the civil platform “People’s Political Discussion Club” for dialog between Russian authorities and people.

The meeting will be held in Russia, Moscow, conference center “Extropolis Red Rose, Lev Tolstoy street, b.16 at 11.00 AM.


27 of September 2010 the residents of village Matveevka located in Domodedovo city and  Government company Avtodor signed  the agreement and  approved a new project of the construction of the items tolls near 52nd km of the highway M4 "DON".
The residents of Matveevka said, that due to the attention of mass media, residents’ civil activity and protests, support of NGOs and various political movements, both at national and international level, the villagers and Russian Government could achieve the agreement.
The signed agreement included all the wishes of the owners, according to convinces of the agreement: the lanes of highway M4 Don at the 52nd km were reduced, the items tolls were moved back to Moscow. Also Avtodor is bound to build the abutment and install the noise-reducing screens.  Furthermore, all roads in Matveevka  will be paved by Avtodor.
Residents of Matveevka thank everyone at national and international level who provided the support during the year of fighting and who helped them to reach the agreement.

16 September 2010 Silence in Russia

As Marina Zlotnikova a coordinator of human rights movement ANTIMENT in Russia said, Russian President banned the rally for freedom of speech in Russia, which should take place on Vasilievsky descent near Red Square in Moscow. She was informed about it by the commandant of the Kremlin in ordering tone.
Important, that according Article 8 of Russian Law about assembly only Russian President has right to permit rally near Red Square and Kremlin.
As Marina Zlotnikova told our correspondent, one day before she and one of the activist was pressured and got some threats of their life and health by intelligent services.
In particular, Dmitry Ryabikov from Voskresensk (city 50-miles from Moscow) said, that he was pressured by 2 representatives of Russian intelligent services, as he said, two people are 35-40 years old detained him in the street and explained him, that gathering people to participate in rally on Vasilievsky descent is illegal and they said, he may be shooted and drowned in Moscow-river.
Other activists – Alexey Zelenov, Ludmila Gayduk - from village Rechnik (suburb of Moscow) several days before also were suffered the pressure: their cars were set fire by unknown people during the night.
As Marina Zlotnikova said, the commandant of the Kremlin did not suggest any other alternative places for the rally.
Marina Zlotnikova consider, that the ban of the rally is the proof that the Russian Government is initiator of censorship and Russia goes back to totalitarianism in a worst form when everyone is under total control and under pressure.



Robert Kaminsky – a mayor of Svobodny had been under four falsified criminal cases. The mayor had been removed from office. He restored all his rights now;
Evgeny Tkachuk from Mytischi had been under falsified criminal case, He restored rights now;
Tamara Buylova – an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg had suffered extortion of bribes, her business had been under corruption pressure. She restored her rights. Her business is developing now;
Marat Musin – a businessman from Salavat his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;
Andrei Kuz'min – a businessman from Kazan his business had been under corruption pressure in Arbitrage. He restored rights.
Tatiana Vdovina from Saransk Her son was had been killed by youth group in Night club. Only one murderer was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. The sentence was quashed.
Boris Barelyuk – an entrepreneur from Moscow his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;

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