29.08.23 Human rights defenders of Association of Russian Lawyers supported the President of Brazil on the need to reform the UN

Chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, human rights defender, lawyer Maria Arkhipova spoke about the problem she faces when working with people from different countries of the world: people who want to work in another country, change their place of residence, live with their relatives face the same and the same difficulties - the need to issue visas, to prove the purpose of crossing national borders - all this creates an obstacle in cooperation between people, in communication, in work, in the development of scientific and technological progress.

Maria Arkhipova stated that she agreed with the speech of Brazilian President Lula de Silva, who stated that UN reform is necessary, since the adopted international acts guaranteeing human rights and freedoms are broken by the complete failure of national states. In addition, nation-states do not allow the UN to be effective, the human rights activist said, nation-states do not comply with international acts. For example, when a dictator comes to power in a country that is a member of the UN and is a nation state, there are no guarantees for the implementation of the acts adopted by the UN, explained Maria Arkhipova. Actually, Lula de Silva proposes to reform the UN in such a way that national states cannot sabotage the decisions of an international organization, explained the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights .

Human rights defender Maria Arkhipova believes that just reforming the UN is not enough, because nation-states will continue to violate freedom of movement, communication between people, and violate the freedom of the individual. The division of people into nations creates obstacles contrary to human nature, nation-states contradict the nature of the individual, and today nation-states are territorial inventions and traps to extract the maximum resource from people from human limitations, the human rights activist believes. Nation states are created on the principle of sects, separation of languages - a neighbor does not understand his neighbor, while by nature a person is collective, a person needs solidarity, mutual assistance - this is the nature of the evolution of any kind, people are divided into borders, nations, emphasized Maria Arkhipova.

At the same time, the human rights activist does not deny the existence of peoples, different cultures, languages, etc., but there should not be a strict division into territorial boundaries. Nation states lead to wars, conflicts, environmental violations, etc., the nation is contrary to human nature, and leads to the destruction of man, Maria Arkhipova believes. It is necessary to move away from the nation, territorial nation-states to a planetary type of civilization, to multi-planetary governance in the case of space exploration, and the right to self-determination should not cancel human nature, human rights activist Maria Arkhipova concluded.




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