The extra-judicial reprisal and 30-day arrests against opposition, began in Russia. Pro-Kremlin “Antimaidan” calls to kill LGBTQ

As Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights reported, starting from 15 January 2015 Russian authorities supported the foundation of the pro-governmental movement "Antimaidan", which will fight with the dissidents, support the extrajudicial reprisal against Russian opposition, courts started to sentence to the maximum periods of arrest - 30 days, the criminal prosecution for the expression of the civil position.

According to the experts of the Association, 15 January 2015, Russian mass-media announced the foundation of the organization "Antimaidan", which was initiated by Alexander Zaldostanov (Russian biker, the leader of the movement “Night wolves”, the owner of the night club in Moscow), a member of the Federation Council Dmitry Sablin (the relative of the ex-governor of Moscow region, Russian oligarch), Nazi writer Nikolai Starikov. The movement, as the founders said, will fight with the so-called "color revolutions". According to the initiators of the movement, in fact, aimed to combat the dissents, the aggressive organized groups of supporters of the authorities will be participate at all the actions that they will be regarded as anti-state and make “certain actions” ( During the press-conference the speakers called to fight against dissents, some groups of citizens, called to kill LGBTQ-people, as a blogger said

07.01.15 Russian government has restricted the rights of LGBT, amputee and color-blind to drive a vehicle

As the press-service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights said, 06 January 2015 Russian Government adopted the decision №1604 "About the list of the medical contraindications, medical conditions and medical restrictions to driving", which significantly restricted the rights of LGBT people, people with limb amputation and rare, including and hereditary eye diseases, people shorter than 150 cm to drive a vehicle. All these groups may stay without the driving license.
First time Russia included to the list of medical contraindications to driving the group of diseases, according to the International Classification of Diseases №10, the personality disorders and behavior in adulthood F60 - F69. All transgender people, bigender, asexuals, transvestites, crossdressers, people who need in a sex reassignment were recognized by Russian Government as a people with the deviations. The state deprived these groups their rights to drive a vehicle.

on the photo: Alexander Peskov, Russian parodist

Russian human rights defenders make a statement with the special proposal to the legislators to ratify the Istanbul Convention

As the press service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights said, since August 1, 2014 the Istanbul Convention has been come into force. The Istanbul Convention is aimed to the protection of woman from domestic violence. Russian human rights defenders consider, that the Istanbul  Convention should be ratified by Russia. 
The specialists of the Association have prepared the proposals and formally addressed to the Russian lawmakers and drew their attention on necessity to ratify the Istanbul Convention.
The working group of the experts noted, that the Istanbul Convention provides for a set of necessary measures that will solve many of the problems and causes of discrimination against women and violence, inequality, etc. Thus, the Convention is based on the interests of the victims, and contains a comprehensive set of practical tools that can help improve response by all relevant actors. The Convention requires Parties responsible for the prevention of violence, protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators of violence, and are obliged to adopt the measures necessary for the formation of a comprehensive policy in these areas, and women will get more opportunities.

11.07.14 Roundtable "Women's Rights in Russia and abroad" held in Moscow

As a press-service of Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights reported, roundtable "Women's Rights in Russia and abroad" held in Moscow July 10, 2014 in press center “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Chairwomen of Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, Russian Top-Lawyer Maria Bast invited the experts for the discussion “Women's Rights in Russia and abroad".
The roundtable gathered the representatives of different women’s movies and human rights defenders, assistants of MP of the Russian State Duma, representatives of the Council of Europe in Russia.
Maria Bast opened the discussion and proposed all to express their position on women's rights in Russia: respect and observance of women’s rights in Russia, the problem of idealization of the situation with women’s rights in EU, the critical attitude to the information from EU.

on the photo: Maria Bast, July 10 2014
Maria Bast stressed, that Russia was the locomotive at the beginning of the XX century for women’s rights in the world. As Maria Bast said, that Great October Revolution of 1917 brought women rights, women become the subjects of law, women got the right to vote. The achievements of Soviet Women triggered a wave of feminism around the world.

on the photo: Svetlana Gannushkina

07.01.14 Masha Bast congratulates Сhristians with Christmas /video/

Masha Bast congratulates Сhristians with Christmas

06.01.14 Russian Top-Lawyer Masha Bast held the action "Woman - not a commodity" against the discrimination of women

As Russian Top-Lawyer and Human Right Defender Masha Bast reported, she held the public action "Woman - not a commodity" before Christmas Eve . As Masha Bast said, the action was directed against the discrimination of women and against the involvement of women in prostitution.

As Masha Bast said, the women are discriminated by external grounds, not the personal qualities, but the gender and sex, including the professional sphere.

Masha Bast stressed, that she is also a victim of discrimination, who faced with discrimination in the professional sphere as lawyer and human rights defender, where the priority is given to men by gender.

According to Masha Bast, many women faced with a discrimination and forced into prostitution, but a lot of woman do not want to be a prostitute. That is why , Masha Bast holds  the poster " I do not want to be a prostitute ," Masha Bast said.

Masha Bast said, that she could to make the video on the South High Way M4 at one of the "points", where the regional drivers "buy" the woman.

03.12.13 Russian Top-Lawyer Masha Bast plans to give birth to two children

Russian Top-Lawyer and Human Rights defender Masha Bast said about her personal plans, which in her opinion should not prevent political career: Masha Bast plans to give birth to two children. Masha Bast said, that she began to look for best clinic and sponsors for the unique pregnancy.

Masha Bast, Russian Top-Lawyer and Human Rights defender

Top-Lawyer stressed, that she would like to have three children, so she will take one child from an orphanage.

Masha Bast has prepared a video to the world's clinics and sponsors: the expectant mother is ready to consider proposals from the clinics, working in the field of artificial insemination, working on the issue of pregnancy and the creation of an artificial uterus. Masha Bast believes, that her experience will solve the problem of millions of women in the world, who cannot be mother at the moment.

We wish Masha Bast strides toward coveted maternity and are confident that her dream will come true!

Contact Masha Bast via phone +7 495 968 30 44, mobile +7 965 166 57 43 or + 7 985 922 85 34, e-mail, Skype Marysvet79.

29.11.13 Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights will defend a lawyer Igor Popovsky in European Court of Human Rights

As Russian Top-Lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast reported, the European Court of Human Rights have received a complaint in defense a lawyer Igor Popovsky.

on photo: Masha Bast, Russian Top-Lawyer and Human Rights defender
As Masha Bast said, the complaint connected with the pressure by Russian authorities against lawyer Igor Popovsy, which faced with the provocation from Russian law enforcement bodies during the defense of Nikolai Korolev. Russian authorities tried to forbid Igor Popvsky to defend Korolev. 
Masha Bast stressed, that lawyer Igor Popovsky refused to cooperate with law enforcement bodies and Russian authorities began political persecution against Popovsky.
As previously lawyer Igor Popovsky reported, the security of jail "Butyrka", as investigator said, during Popovsky visit to Korolev March 2013, allegedly found TNT after meeting between lawyer and Korolev in lawyers’ documents. As Igor Popovsky said, the documents were in jail office during a meeting with Korolev. 
Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights will continue the public control of the case of a lawyer Igor Popovsky and will follow up on complaints in European Court of Human Rights.

21.11.13 Russian Top-Lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast called transgender people to defend their rights

Russian Top-Lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast issued the photo of performance "From Day of Remembrance to Day of Defense " dedicated  Transgender Day of Remembrance.

As Mahsa Bast said, the aim of the performance is draw attention to the problem of transphobic crimes in Russia and problem of the suicide of transgender people. Also Masha Bast stressed, that transgender people have to leave the position of the victim and consistently and clearly defend transgender rights and freedoms.

As  Masha Bast reported, she chose nudity for the creative act - her body, symbolizing both the vulnerability of transgender people, and the necessity consistently and clearly defend transgender rights and freedoms. The letters "FSB " on naked body is a protest against the hushing up of the statistic of murders against transgender people, the official statistics in Russia is not committed crimes covered up and the information about victims of transphobia are not reflected in Russian mass media.

Remind,  first Transgender Day of Remembrance was held November 20, 1999 in San Francisco , a year after the murder of MtF- transsexual Rita Hester.

30.09.13 The account is open for help transgender people in the framework of the founding of the charitable foundation

As Masha Bast reported, she and her activists opened the account for help transgender people in the framework of the founding of the charitable foundation. Every person or organization may transfer money in the three types of currencies - rubles, dollars and euro.
Z916060201563 ( for payments in U.S. dollars )
E406387825037 ( for payments in Euro )
R322939897841 ( for transfers in rubles )

As Masha Bast said, the opening of an account is necessity, which connected with the increase in the number of appeals to her for help from transgender people. Transgender women and transgender men are need in financial support during transition and for the medical operations.

Today we publish the story of Veronica from Kherson (Ukraine), she is transgender woman , 26 years old. Veronica suffers the discrimination from her family, employers and medicine. Veronica wants to complete the transition, get an education and pursue science.

Veronica , 26 years old , MtF
"I felt from early age that I am woman, when the changes started in teenage and I looked like boy, I was shocked! I wanted to get away from life! I did not know what to do, I was scared about it to someone to say, and my parents badly treated me and certainly condemned me. It was a nightmare, I could not look in the mirror, and I started the hormonal therapy and continue for four years. I need surgical correction. I wanted to leave home, but my grandmother stopped me and understood, mother disowned meI tried to work and earn money in Ukraine for the correction. I do not have regular access to the Internet, I do not know how to type, my friend helps me. Thank you for your support! "



Robert Kaminsky – a mayor of Svobodny had been under four falsified criminal cases. The mayor had been removed from office. He restored all his rights now;
Evgeny Tkachuk from Mytischi had been under falsified criminal case, He restored rights now;
Tamara Buylova – an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg had suffered extortion of bribes, her business had been under corruption pressure. She restored her rights. Her business is developing now;
Marat Musin – a businessman from Salavat his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;
Andrei Kuz'min – a businessman from Kazan his business had been under corruption pressure in Arbitrage. He restored rights.
Tatiana Vdovina from Saransk Her son was had been killed by youth group in Night club. Only one murderer was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. The sentence was quashed.
Boris Barelyuk – an entrepreneur from Moscow his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;

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