09.11.20 Human rights defenders propose to remove the term of "race" from legislation

According to the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, the term “race” should be excluded from all regulations - from the Constitution of the Russian Federation to by-laws, and they also propose to abandon the term at the international level as outdated and unscientific, since humanity has no different races.

Earlier, the Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany Christine Lambrech took the initiative to abandon the concept of "race" in the German constitution, human rights activists of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights consider this step justified and relevant for all countries and propose to get rid of this nonexistent concept and Russian legislation.

on photo: Christine Lambrech, Facebook

According to human rights defenders of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, initially the use of the term "race" was intended to emphasize the distance from racial ideology, but today the term is outdated and rather indicates the permissibility of racial discrimination in the country by its mere mention in the country's constitution. At the same time, the experts of the Association emphasized, the term “race” should be replaced by a formulation that excludes racism: human rights activists propose a ban on discrimination based on any external difference.

As explained in the press service of the RAssociation of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, the opinions of human rights activists coincide with the opinions of foreign scientists from the University of Jena and the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology affiliated with it at the Max Planck Society, who declared that the term "race" is unscientific. Scientists point out that there is no fixed difference in the human genome that would separate a person from Africa and a non-African, in other words, there is no gene that establishes "racial" differences.

Commentary by Maria Arkhipova (Bast), Chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights:

- The term "race" is anti-scientific, different humanoid races were once on Earth, it was tens of thousands of years ago, these are Denisovans, Neanderthals and humans. Man is the only humanoid race that has survived on Earth, therefore it is unscientific to divide into races within one human species and only creates the basis for splits in society, political speculation and populism of dishonest politicians. For Russia, the concept of "race" is also a splitting element, for example, recently populists have been using racial theory to split Russians, who outwardly, due to climate and geography, look differently, respectively, dishonest politicians, swindlers, populists use this unscientific term to ignite interethnic hatred, publish anti-scientific literature, articles, false research, false testing, etc. I think such politicians and "researchers" should be behind bars, and their actions should be condemned at the official level. Russia is the most multinational country and for it the use of the term "race" is unacceptable and is explosive. In order to respect human rights and freedoms, it is necessary to abandon this pseudoscientific term "race".




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