14.05.15 Russian lawmakers reported about the ban on marriage for transgender people

As the specialists of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights said, the draft law "On Amending Article 14 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation", and the authors of the  draft law  - the deputies of Russian State Duma Zhuravlev, Gorovtsov, Greshevnikov, contrary to the Constitution of Russian Federation, to the European Convention, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights The draft law is the violation of human rights, the restricts human rights, including the right to marry, raise a family, inviolability of private life.
According to the expert of the Association Alexander Ivanov, this bill proposes to consolidate the state the right to limit the ability of people to marry and to formalize their relationship. The bill, in fact, emphasizes the expert, encourages discrimination as the group of people based on gender, and discrimination of every person who is planning to marry, forced to, in the case of adoption of the law, to prove the presence or absence of sex reassignment. The specialist of Association also notes that the bill is contrary to the global trend, where the activity is aimed at depathologization.
According to experts of the Association, this bill should not be considered and should reject at the stage of registration as contrary to the Constitution, as the openly fascist and transphobic bill. Moreover, experts say, the result of the proposition for the MPs must be the meeting of the ethic commission of the State Duma about the professional suitability in connection with the draft law, which aimed on discrimination of human rights.
According to Alexander Ivanov, if we consider the wording of the proposed legislation, it is clear that the adoption of such a law would lead to an unacceptable disclosure of medical confidentiality.
According to one of the activists, Andrei N., people who decide to make the correction of sex is not to the fact of sex reassignment for their future life anywhere permanently opened, more relevant to the adoption of the law on secrecy of sex reassignment.
Experts of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights condemned the initiative, which aims to discriminate a group of socially vulnerable people and limit the right of all citizens to marry in Russia.



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