13.05.15 Alla Bout reported about the torture against Viktor Bout in prison in USA

Alla Bout, wife of Viktor Bout, who was sentenced to 25 years in the US prison, sent the complaint to the specialists of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights about the torture against her husband. 
Viktor Bout, Russian citizen, said Alla Bout, was tortured throughout all stages of criminal prosecution - during the extradition from Thailand to the United States, during the judicial investigation in the United States, at this moment, stressed she, - the torture continued.

Alla Bout said, that Viktor Bout have the problems with his health and the problems began during his stay in prison Thailand. Alla Bout said about viral conjunctivitis in Thailand prison, when the prisoners used the urine for the treatment. As Alla Bout said, Viktor Bout  kept in solitary confinement on the separate floor in Thailand prison, one of the nights Thai police proposed him to spend in front of the hall for lethal injection.

Alla Bout stressed, when Viktor arrived in the US, doctors diagnosed the tuberculosis in a closed form. Viktor Bout got the medicine – the antibiotics pills, in 3 months the pills have caused of the liver pain, digestive problems, moreover, the prisoner had not food, water, because periodically only boiled water was in his cell. Also Alla Bout said, one time Viktor Bout hung a towel in the wrong place in his solitary confinement - her husband was placed in isolation ward and deprived of the communication with the family - the worst punishment for a man who had spent a long period of time without communication: the detention regime did not allow for 1,5 let apply even to prison staff. Two winters Viktor Bout held in the cell, which froze thoroughly. Alla Bout said that Viktor Bout has not good meal (he is vegetarian) and it led to the problem with the teeth - in response to requests for the treatment of Viktor Bout offered to remove almost half of the teeth.

According to Alla Bout, her husband kept in prison, where communication is limited, all the books are under the censorship for the content and subject matter, in fact, the book he may  order through the online store or at a major publishing house - friends and relatives cannot send the books, banned the books, aimed at improving the physical form - books or manuals on gymnastics, qigong, etc., there are no opportunities for sports - it is argued that prisoners can improve the physical characteristics and to resist the prison staff and to commit escape.
After analyzing  of the application of Alla Bout, the experts of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights decided to take the case of Viktor Bout under civil control. As a result of working with materials on torture in US custody, and press reports of unrest in various states in the United States, demonstrations police brutality against its own citizens, ill-treatment of detainees and prisoners, since the situation in Ferguson and ending with the latest unrest that engulfed several States, the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights announced the beginning of monitoring compliance with United States v. 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article, which prohibits the torture, cruel and degrading treatment.

As the Association press service said, the monitoring begins 13 May 2015 and will continue for a month. The specialists of the Association are waiting for the complaints from the citizens of all countries caught up in institutions under the jurisdiction of the United States injured in detention, subjected to torture in prison. The complaints in English or Russian languages should contain the facts of torture, the complaint - no more than 2 page, the documents - no more than 10 pages. The "hot line": + 7 495 968 30 44,+ 7 495 92285 34, e-mail: rusadvocate@inbox.ru, rusadvocato@gmail.com, feedback on the Russian and English versions of the website www.rusadvocat.com

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Video of Alla Bout about the torture against Victor Bout and the commentary of the  chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights Maria Bast



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