23.09.13Masha Bast announced her presidential ambitions: first time a transgender woman may enter the list of candidates 2018

As the press service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights reports, Masha Bast, human rights defender and lawyer, is going to participate in the elections of President of Russia in 2018. For the first time Russia may elects 38 years old female president.

Masha Bast announced the formation of election headquarters and the beginning of the large-scale election campaign. According to Masha Bast , she and her activists will seek first real democratic honest and fair elections in Russia.

As Masha Bast told, their team prepared the concept of development of Russia, where the highest value is a human, human rights and freedoms, justice and social guarantees to everyone.

According to Masha Bast, the concept of building of European socialism will compete with the model of the United States, where the highest value are not human rights and freedoms, but material goods, as a progressive alternative, aimed to move from a consumer society to the society of creation , the transition from a society of egoists to altruistic society.

Masha Bast stressed, that she is  for human rights and freedoms, justice, against discrimination anyone on any grounds - against the discrimination of women, against discrimination on grounds of nationality and property, against age discrimination, people with disabilities, sexual orientation,against discrimination of LGBT people, for the same-sex marriage, including the right to adoption, the freedom of choice of gender and the possibility of complete rejection of gender, the freedom of religion and of atheism.

Masha Basts’ program includes a lot of items, the free primary , secondary and higher education, free medical care , provision of affordable energy, the revival of agriculture and animal husbandry, industrial production, independent economy, the reform of the penitentiary system, the reform of the law enforcement system, the fight against corruption, youth politics, freedom of speech, social protection of large families , the disabled, senior citizens, the reform of the army and the rejection of compulsory military service, etc.

Also Masha Bast said, that the program provides the reform of political system to the parliamentary republic with simplified access to the ballot for the different political forces, the development of local government, the development of civil society, independent media. In the fight against corruption, stressed Masha Bast, will be reformed law enforcement system, recruited new young qualified personnel, which will be trained, will be liquidated the system of corrupt ties and will disbanded the officials “unit – shifters”, who support any mode and any power from Lenin to the church.

According to the concept of Masha Bast , Russia will be integrated and included in the European Union, the internal passport in Russia will be canceled and the compulsory registration of the place of residence.

The concept of Masha Bast allows Russia making the scientific jump and technological breakthroughs in all areas, including aerospace, medicine, improving the quality and length of life for the first time since the Soviet era.
Also according to the program of Masha Bast the presidential term will be reduced to four years, the number of elections - two.

Masha Bast considers, that only the transition from the capitalism model to European socialism will change the distribution of forces in the world, making Russia strong developed European socialist state , seeking to progress and focused on the human, respect human rights and freedoms. It will be the transition from a consumer society to society of creation.

Russia is on the verge of choosing between " Yugoslavian scenario" and European socialism, stressed Maria Bast, and only people may choose the way of development: will go Russia on the way of collapse, leaving in the middle ages, the path of inter-ethnic, inter-religious wars and conflicts, civil war, or it will be the way of unity around reason, goodness, beauty, progress, science, creating a state of unlimited possibilities for human free -surfing universe, not in need of shelter and food, and creating his free future.



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