As informed to the Press Service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights by the lawyer Evgeny Arkhipov  the initiative group for creation of the Ruski Democratic Republic asked the residents of the old village Galchino, being a part of independent state Peremyshl, if they now anything about the origin of the village name, its population and why there is no "Galchino Village" sign on the road.  As it turned out the aged residents and local historians know the Galchino village history since the 14th century, the time of Ivan Kalita, however the residents know nothing about the first settlements of immigrants from Chervonnay Rus, Galitsko-Volynskaya Rus who brought with them the names of Galchino, Peremyshl, while in the village the surname Galitsky is still widespread.  The residents also could not tell anything about Peremyshl state which was independent from Moscow and included Galchino village. The local residents know nothing about the Prince Danila Galitsky whose name is connected with the history of Galchino village, the migration of residents from the territories of the modern Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine, territories called "polshchina" by the local historians.
As informed by the initiative group, the local residents willingly told about pre-revolution times and origin of neighbour settlements: one managed to find out that during establishment of collective farms in Galchino there was an armed confrontation between the substantial farmers and soviet government.
One didn't manage to find out why there is no Galchino sign and why the village is divided into streets with meaningless names: Sadovaya, Solnechnaya etc. In the opinion of Evgeny Arkhipov, Galchino village is a spectacular example of intentional destruction of historical memory, memory about freedom-loving ancestors, culture and traditions originated in Kievan Rus, and of the result of purposeful elimination of national self-identity of the Russkii, immigrants from Chervonnaya Rus.  According to Evgeny Arkhipov the disappearance of "Galchino Village" sign is the last stage of destruction of the memory about Ruski culture and traditions originated in Kiev.  As informed by Evgeny Arkhipov, according to the results of  communication with Galchino village residents the initiative group for creation of RDR had the only question: ARE THERE RUSKII HERE?



Robert Kaminsky – a mayor of Svobodny had been under four falsified criminal cases. The mayor had been removed from office. He restored all his rights now;
Evgeny Tkachuk from Mytischi had been under falsified criminal case, He restored rights now;
Tamara Buylova – an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg had suffered extortion of bribes, her business had been under corruption pressure. She restored her rights. Her business is developing now;
Marat Musin – a businessman from Salavat his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;
Andrei Kuz'min – a businessman from Kazan his business had been under corruption pressure in Arbitrage. He restored rights.
Tatiana Vdovina from Saransk Her son was had been killed by youth group in Night club. Only one murderer was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. The sentence was quashed.
Boris Barelyuk – an entrepreneur from Moscow his business had been under corruption pressure. He restored rights. His business is developing now;