on the photo: the view of Matveevka village

The member of the civil group of the residents of Matveevka, a village in suburb of Moscow, Svetlana Chernysheva said Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, that 05 June 2011 the residents of Matveevka at the general assembly unanimously decided to establish the local self-government within their village. Svetlana Chernysheva stressed, that through the formation of local self-government the residents will achieve the freedom from corruption in Matveevka.  
June 7, 2011 Matveevka residents notified officially about the decision Leonid Kovalevsky, a head of the administration of Domodedovo district.
As Svetlana Chernysheva stressed that only through democracy people may get civil control over the authorities and thereby eliminating corruption, for example there is no any corruption already in Matveevka.
Svetlana Chernysheva added, that  bodies of the local self-government are planned to establish  on the democratic path. The supreme governing body of the village Matveevka will become general assembly of the residents, which will have the right  to elect an administrative authority and a chairman. According to residents’ reports, the establishment of local self-government is aimed to the development of the village and its infrastructure; also it was decided to create independent mass-media.
As the residents reported, they decided to create the local self-government after the positive resolution concerning the situation with the construction of the item tolls on the 52nd km of highway M4 "DON" (The Highway of Olympic Games 2014).
Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights supports the civil initiative and will provide the appropriate protection of the residents’ initiative during the establishment of local self-government.



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